• History

    A story of friendship and love for wine...


    The Beginning...

    The first vine in our land was planted by Don Juan Manchón and Don Ignacio Vega; this vine was originally used to produce Brandy. When the business disappeared, so did the area vineyards. However, the only one that survived was Cuna de Tierra.


    The Adventure Began

    Eduardo and Joaquín Madero –both with PhD s in Viticulture at Montpellier- served as our consultants. With their help, a hectare was planted with the first red-variety grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot Aliatica, Petit Syrah, and Semillon. Nowadays, these are the varieties that prevail among premium wines.


    First Planting Operation

    We carried out the first planting operation on the 10.96 acre (4-hectare) table II, with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot varieties.


    First Vinification Process

    For the first vinification process, we used grapevines with more than 15 years of age. Once Malbec, Tempranillo, Semillon, Merlot, Aliatica, and Syrah varieties were planted on the 10.96 acre (4-hectare) table III, we completed the first vinification process with joint varieties from the first table. Total production yielded three barrels.


    Vinification at a Winery

    Juan Manchón carried out the grape fermentation process at a warehouse, which resulted in the first vinification at the winery.


    New Plantings

    With the high increase of harvests we had at that moment, we decided to plant 10.92 acres (8 hectares) more. Our goal was to innovate with new varieties such as Tinta Cao, Sousao, National Touriga, Nebbiolo, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Syrah, and we achieved incredible results.

    A very important step that set the personality of our winery was the selection of the name “Cuna de Tierra”. It was influenced by the location of the warehouse at the cradle (Cuna) of the National Independence movement.


    The First Awards...

    With the CUNA DE TIERRA BICENTENARIO wine, we were awarded the 5th place among the best 100 Mexican wines on “Día Siete” magazine. The label design created by the design firm Signi, also won an award at the INTERNATIONAL CREATIVITY DESIGN AWARD.


    First Wines in the Market

    CUNA DE TIERRA and PAGO DE VEGA were the first labels that we launched into the market for sale. Our quality improved thanks to the traditional methods used to take care of vines and wine production. Our professionalism, based on studies and constant experimentation, determined the differentiating characteristics of our Guanajuato wine.


    Production of a New Wine

    We produced the CLOS LA MAR wine as an exclusive label for the department store Palacio de Hierro.


    Awards to the Winery’s Architecture

    Once the winery construction was finished, we received three awards: Best Industrial Project award at the ARCHITECTURE BIENNIAL in Mexico City, Design Icons award from Mexico’s ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, and a silver medal from Mexico's ARCHITECTURE BIENNIAL.


    International Biennial

    Our CUNA DE TIERRA wine took the bronze medal during the first presentation at the DECANTER international contest.


    Awards, Medals, Wines...

    We initiated the region's WINE ROUTE. We already have several awards, and we continue to add more: three silver medals from the International Wine & Spirits Competition (CINVE) (CUNA, TORRE and PAGO) at Ribera del Duero, one gold medal for CLOS LA MAR at BACCHUS in Spain, and a bronze medal from DECANTER with two commended wines – the incredible PAGO DE VEGA and CUNA DE TIERRA.


    Awards for All Labels

    Gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal in the European contest circuit: CINVE, BACCUS, BRUSELAS and DECANTER for all labels. Winners of the BACCHUS Award in Spain, gold medal for PAGO DE VEGA and three silver medals for TORRE DE TIERRA BLANCO, TORRE DE TIERRA TINTO, and CUNA DE TIERRA SYRAH. With PAGO DE VEGA, CUNA DE TIERRA SYRAH and TORRE DE TIERRA TINTO wines, we received an award at CINVE at Ribera del Duero. At CITADELLES DU VIN, Bordeaux, our PAGO DE VEGA and CUNA DE TIERRA NEBBIOLO wines took the gold, and a silver medal was awarded to CUNA DE TIERRA SYRAH. At Bruselas, Italy, we won the silver medal for PAGO DE VEGA and CUNA DE TIERRA SYRAH, and the bronze medal for TORRE DE TIERRA at DECANTER, a commended wine in England.

    Moreover, we were awarded a gold medal and several silver medals for our PAGO DE VEGA wine, our most awarded wine until today.

    Our winery has 230 French, Hungarian and American oak barrels.
    We produce about 70,000 bottles a day.
    We receive 6,000 visitors focused on wine tourism.

    CUNA DE TIERRA 10 AÑOS -version modificada from pp2013 on Vimeo.